Studying abroad comes with its share of problems including languages barriers, financial issues, accommodation problems and the problem related to adjusting in a whole new place and that’s where our overseas education consultant come to your rescue:

  • Course selection: Our overseas education consultants help you in choosing the most appropriate course from the best of universities suiting your interests, preferences, budget and also providing you with the best opportunities.
  • University application and selection: Assisting you in applying to the most appropriate overseas universities that offer best career opportunities in your field of interest, overseas education consultants take care of all the parameters like cost, rules, duration, job prospects, etc.

Overseas education Counseling

By offering quality overseas education counselling services, we support you in choosing the best course, university and support you throughout the application process, giving you the necessary scholarship as well as settlement assistance planning accommodation, travel and other requirements that involve:

  • Scholarship and settlement assistance: Our overseas education counseling services facilitate the students by familiarizing them about the different scholarship options available in order to make overseas education affordable for them, reducing their burden. 
  • Visa application: By providing you with orientation and training for your visa interview, our overseas education counseling assist you in preparing documentation and visa file preparation in order to make your overseas education easier.

Educational Institutes Overseas

In order to study abroad, you must be aware of all the educational institutes overseas providing you the best international exposure and opening a wide range of opportunities for you. Services include:

  • Familiarizing students about the leading overseas educational institutes: Our consultants, having proper knowledge about the best educational institutes give the students proper knowledge about the same, helping them excel in their career.
  • Different courses: We assist students in taking admission in the best educational institutes overseas that offer different courses including Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Hospitality, Architecture, Fashion Design, etc., specializing in all of them. Thus, we focus on helping students from all fields. 

Course selection counseling

By helping you select the most appropriate course taking care of academic and financial aspects and keeping in mind your interests and preferences, our Course Selection counseling services assist you in making your overseas education easy going and effective which include:

  • Selecting the most appropriate course: Helping you find the most appropriate and suitable course, we avail our course selection counseling services such that they suit your interests, preferences, and specializations.
  • Choosing courses from the best of universities: The course selection counseling services that we provide assist you in selecting courses including Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Hospitality, Architecture, Fashion Design, etc., from the best of universities and colleges all over the world that specialize in providing the best international exposure.

Best education consultants

By guiding the students to make their overseas education much easier and productive, our professional team of the best education consultants assists you in providing quality counseling, course selection, university selection and application, scholarship assistance as well as settlement assistance. These consultancy services include:

  • Career Counseling: Keeping in mind the students’ area of specialization and interest, we provide the counseling required to select the appropriate course based on your preference, aptitude, job prospects and budget, using the expertise of experienced best education consultants.
  • Knowledge about leading universities: We assist students in finding the leading college and universities that provide top-notch educational services according to their budget, preferences, and choice.

Scholarship Assistance Consultants

 Our scholarship assistance consultants familiarize students about the different scholarship options available, guiding them to apply for the scholarships from universities and local bodies in India and abroad based on academic, IELTS and/or other competitive exams. The services provided include:

  • Familiarizing students about different scholarships: Providing students the information about the various International, Institutional and National scholarships available, we help them take the first step towards preparing for the scholarship in order to make their overseas education much easier and cost-efficient. 
  • Helping them prepare for different scholarships: Our scholarship assistance consultants help the students prepare for all types of scholarships for academic, IELTS and/or other competitive exams.